Not only"allowed"...We are pleased to recieve four legged customers:-)!

You don`t have to ask "Can I enter with my dog?" any mnore. At Inu cafe, we will try our best to make sure you and your four legged budddy can spend good time together.



Meals taste even better when we eat togther,we have dishes four legged customers too!



Looking for four legged buddy? You will surely find your "soul pet" here.



All products are carefully selected by our"Encargadog" Duque, you`ll want them all!


Will you give us a paw?

We want to fill our cafeteria with "pay it forward". Will you give us a paw?

Our Story

The stroy started with a littel scared puppy who was about to be abandoned..

We came across at the stair of my apartment, in spring 2010.
I was running up the stairs in hurry, as alaways, to get to my place on the 6th floor.
Suddenly My neighbor of the first floor stopped me and said“ Do you want a dog?”
“Dog? “ it was such an unexpected question so I could not really get what she said…“Dog? If I want a dog? Why?”

She told that she did not want her dog anymore. As she didn’t not find anyone who wanted the dog, she was about to take him to shelter ( “Perrera” in Spanish).
I love animals, I grew up with all kinds of animals, insects, birds,squirrels cats… But...,here I am typically the one who “should never have pet” because I love traveling, I have to travel back home to Japan at least once a year ,all my family is in Japan, and I have always lots to do…

I didn’t know what means “perrera”, the word was not in my spanish vocabulary list... but didn't sound good.
If I say no, she will take him to horrible"perrera". I could be his last chance.

However when I saw a scared little dog, I didn’t need a second to say “ Yes, I will take him”
At that time I didn’t know what the word “perrera” means, was not in my spanish vocabulary list. But the word did not sound good.
If I say no, she will take him to horrible"perrera", I could be his last chance.

Since then our adventure started… Continue reading


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